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Robots Building Kids!

Young people are solving creating solutions for today’s problems! Students at Forest Lake Academy’s Innovation and Robotics Lab are working to prototype and refine patents of businesses and inventors in the community as well as developing their own patents. Students have been paid thousands of dollars to take inventors ideas from basic drawings to functional prototypes while in the process discovering who they are as individuals and inspiring academic and career choices that have a big impact on both their short and long term academic success.

The Florida Conference Innovation and Robotics Lab curriculum uses the FIRST® robotics program to teach design thinking. The students learn the fundamental of design as they build a robot to engage in a fun, competitive game while practicing Gracious Professionalism in class and the rest of their lives. Using this as the foundation, students expand their learning to draw their robot in Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and then program the robot to respond to its environment and their commands using modern programming languages.

Over and over we have seen first-hand the positive impact that this program has had on lives of young people. The Florida Conference Office of Education wants to see this positive experience extended to students in all of their schools. This school year, with the help of generously donated grant monies, we will be working to implement the Innovation and Robotics Academy curriculum as a pilot program in five elementary campuses across the conference. The goal is not to use kids to build robots, but to use robots to build kids.

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