What do before you go to 1to1 iPads

Students Using IpadsI have talked with countless schools who have gone or are looking at going to a 1to1 program.  While iPads have lots of great possibilities they also have some issues like very thing in life.   With that in mind I thought I would pull together several resources so schools can be more informed to ensure iPads are right for them.  Here is a link to my  livebinder of resources http://tinyurl.com/ipadGCA .

I have also included my do not list below as I have seen these mistakes made over and over again.  There is a great  21 step program for rolling out iPads that was published by Department of Education from Victoria that I have included on my livebinder under the (Before you Implement iPads) tab.

First let’s look at my top 7 do not do list.

  1. Overlook consumer products have issues
  2. Forget the time it will take to organizing classroom materials
  3. Expect students to ignore Angry Birds
  4. Assume that sharing information and files is easy

iSafePlay or Moodle “help”

  1. Forgetting to budget for apps
  2. Ignore the fact that the device can be a distraction
  3. Overlook control and Filter issues
October 26 / 2012
Author Ernest Staats
Category Curriculum
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How about some Raspberry Pi?

A functioning computer for $35 dollars? You bet.

Raspberry Pi What started as a project to build 1000 mini computers for undergraduate students at Cambridge University in the U.K. has exploded into a super cool and popular technology launch.

It’s small-like a credit card. It has an HDMI port for video output, an Ethernet for your network connection, two USB ports (most likely you would use them for keyboard and mouse), an audio output, a composite video output for older televisions, and an SD card slot for your operating system and applications, and a pretty powerful graphics chip for 3D graphics and video playback–nifty.

The price point of the Raspberry Pi means that classrooms everywhere can play with and understand the functionings of a computer that can be held in a student’s hand and plugged into a power source, an input source, and an output source.  There are interfaces for digital cameras and LCD as well. Wow, very cool.
Classroom teachers can use a programming tool called SCRATCH to teach even young children some programming skills in a rather stress free environment.

More About Raspberry Pi

How the development teams is handling Demand for Production.

For more by Pegi Flynt visit her blog at http://pegiflynt.com/pegiflyntsblog/

September 25 / 2012
Author pegi
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A Game Changing Product

Microsoft just announced a new tablet called “Surface” (read an in-depth review here) that will clearly be a game changer in the tablet market.  The Pro version answers my concerns about using tablets in the classroom.  Watch for a lot of strong competition from other vendors in the Windows 8 market.  Also, be prepared for a lot of speculation about this product as there are still features that have not been announced – add to that thousands of pundits that want to predict exactly how successful it will be compared to the iPad…

Here is the full product announcement form Microsoft.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jozTK-MqEXQ]

…and a promo video.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpzu3HM2CIo]

Let the fun begin!

June 21 / 2012
Author Mel Wade
Category Technology
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Is the iPad Right for My Classroom?

There is a lot of potential for tablets in the classroom.  I’m not ready to see them as full desktop replacements but that time is coming very quickly.  In a day school, where students have access to desktops in the classroom and at home, I see them as a very good fit.  But remember that the iPad is a brand of tablet.  The question should first be answered is whether a tablet the right fit for my classroom/school, then the question should be which brand fits my needs the best.

Tablet Advantages

  • Small, Portable
  • Textbooks in an easy to access format
  • Lots of features and apps

Tablet Disadvantages

  • No keyboard (you can add a bluetooth keyboard but it’s and additional cost and takes up more space)
  • Under powered compared to a laptop or desktop. You can do many basic things (video and photo editing for example) but you can’t use the full powered programs like Photoshop, inDesign, Premier, or CAD.
  • Poor support for system wide security, shared drives, shared printers, and limiting access.  Doing these things usually takes additional software and often doesn’t go smoothly.
If you don’t need the power then tablets are great tools.  But if you need more that and screen viewer and basic editor then laptops should still be a consideration.  They are larger but for the cost different they give you many more capabilities.
June 12 / 2012
Author Mel Wade
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When I was a child I loved maps.  I would pull out maps and spread them out on the floor and follow the lines, taking trips in my imagination.  As I began to drive, I always had the latest Rand McNally US road atlas in my car so I had the latest updates.  This made my parents happy because the never had to buy a road atlas – they just used my “out of date” maps that worked just fine for them.

Today mapping has come a long way.  My Rand McNally atlas is 11 years old.  Instead I use my computer or Android phone for all my mapping needs.  There are so many things I can do with these maps! Read more →

June 11 / 2012
Author Mel Wade
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RenWeb and Moodle

Here’s some good news for those of you using RenWeb and wanting to use Moodle.

Renweb now offers Moodle Hosting at an affordable price AND is integrated with RenWeb!  That means that if you add a student to a class in RenWeb they will be added in Moodle.  If you issue a grade in Moodle, it will be entered into your RenWeb gradebook.
I’m attaching a FAQ pdf from RenWeb.  RenWeb Learning Management Powered by Moodle FAQs
As a comparison, I have been looking for ways to integrate our SIS system with Moodle.  Tools4ever will customize an integration tool for about $3000 – one time fee.  Moodleroom will integrate but their hosting starts about $8-10,000/year.  Another company will host and integrate for $4,000 per year.  Read the FAQ and see how this compares.
If you want to learn about how to use Moodle and how it works with online learning, I recommend to you take the AVLN course Active Online Learning.  I’ll include the information below in case you missed the announcements.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9XfwBzt1mY]


Active Online Teaching
June 18 – July 29, 2012

Are you creating online courses? Do you want to know how to teach online? Do you want to include active learning, meaningful interactions, and stimulating learning experiences in your online courses? Do you want to integrate faith and learning online? Then this course is for you.

June 11 / 2012
Author Mel Wade
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Cyberbullying Info and Laws

I think it is important to know not only what our state cyber/and or/ bullying laws are but also what are the laws from other states as we have students who are from other states and are cyber bullying Don't Do ITlegal residents of other states.  I also think that as Christian organizations we should strive our best to ensure every student has as a secure and safe environment.  Here is a link to the latest information about cyber bullying by state and there are good summaries after the columns that give important but brief details about each state’s requirements.


May 24 / 2012
Author Ernest Staats
Category Curriculum
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Virtual Field Trip Resources

Below are some great resources for Virtual Field trips!  So while you are on break this summer these just might be worth while to check out.

May 24 / 2012
Author Ernest Staats
Category Curriculum
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Some Great Ipad Resouces

I have been getting a lot of questions about Ipad resources so here you GO! Blessings


1.) iPads for learning: Getting started

2.) How to put a video in Keynote for iPad

3.) 50 iPad2 tips and tricks

4.) iPods and iPads in the Classroom

5.) iPad Curriculum: Educational app reviews, tips, and tricks for using iPads in the classroom

6.) Mobile Mentor workshop

7.) Apps and lesson plans

8.) Issues to consider concerning the deployment of iPads

9.) Managing student work

10.) iPadagogy: The YouTube Channel

Apps for educators

11.) 30 iPhone apps to help educators manage classrooms

12.) 30 Useful IPad apps for Business & Presentation

13.) 20 Amazing iPad apps for educators

14.) Elementary school iPad apps

15.) Middle school iPad apps

16.) 100 free iPad apps

17.) 10 excellent iPad applications for teachers

18.) Top 20 must-have educational iPhone & iPad Apps used by real teachers in the classroom

19.) 5 Innovative iPad apps that will evolve your classroom

20.) 20 great classroom iPad apps to add to your collection

By subject

21.) Top ten classroom math apps

22.) 40 Most Awesome iPad Apps for Science Students URl:www.bestcollegesonline.com/blog/2011/06/15/40-most-awesome-ipad-apps-for-science-students/

23.) 5 ways to be green with your iPad

24.) Separated by subject

25.) If you give a teacher an iPad

26.) Foreign language apps

27.) 1,000 educational apps organized by subject and price

28.) 1000 recommended apps sorted by subject area

29.) Apple’s educational app directory

30.) Top 10 sites for educational apps

iBooks 2 resources

31.) Natural sciences

32.) Earth science

33.) Life science

34.) 5 ideas for using iBooks Author and iBooks 2

35.) New iBooks are for education what lipstick is to a pig

Tips, tricks and studies

36.) Using my iPad in the classroom this year

37.) 10 iPad 2 tips and tricks

38.) iPad classroom case studies

39.) 103 interesting ways to use iPad in the classroom

40.) 62 interesting ways to use an iPad in the classroom .. and tips

Sample lessons

41.) Sample lessons — iPads in education

42.) The iPad Livebinder

43.) Planbook Touch for iPad

44.) iPad: Ideas to inspire

45.) My LessonPlan

46.) iPads4Education

47.) Learning and teaching with iPads

48.) Brainiapps

49.) iPad activities and examples

50.) Techchef Pinterest iPad lessons


List take from http://www.zdnet.com/blog/igeneration/50-resources-for-ipad-use-in-the-classroom/16126

May 04 / 2012
Author Ernest Staats
Category Curriculum
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The Promise of Education Technology

Earlier this month Education Secretary Arne Duncan spoke at Digital Learning Day, and he urged schools to get digital textbooks in students’ hands within five years.

While Joel Klein applaudes both the digital textbook challenge and technology, he feels that how much a student learns is defined by two things: the quality of the teaching curriculum and the amount of knowledge students absorb from it.

I think they also made two VERY IMPORTANT points that are often overlooked:

“Poorly designed and deployed technologies can reinforce old behaviors and practices, rather than solve for and improve them. What’s even worse is when critical investments in training teachers to effectively use these new tools have often been shortchanged….”


February 16 / 2012
Author Ernest Staats
Category Curriculum
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