Too boring to talk about until I say, FREE. Yes free. The NAD has WordPerfect for free for you. Oh WordPerfect, what a let down. Well, I know there is some link for WP on the NAD website between healthy lifestyle and the link to the Association of Southern Baptist Colleges. Where is it again?

Hey, I have something easier and it is cross platform. What is cross platform? Well, it means the software is so good you don’t have to know that it is cross platform because it simply works on your computer, how is that for an easy answer? The word processing software is called OpenOffice and it is great! This software does everything that Microsoft does and I like it. I put OpenOffice on all my nephews’ laptops when I buy them. And I save hundreds of dollars. The program is fully functional and it also includes other things like a spreadsheet and so on.

In addition to OpenOffice there are some other free products are there that are real cool. One is Zoho. Zoho is a bunch of crazy guys that have been working on this project for so long that they are now giving it away because they are too tired to sell it. Zoho is amazing. A smart teacher could do so much with Zoho.

And of course, there is always Google Documents. This is great service by Google and it is also free. I use this service a lot. I both write my documents but I also save my documents to Google. Thanks Google.

I have used all three products with great satisfaction. Try them out and have fun being cheap and high tech at the same time.


Tom Krazan
Central California
Adventist Education is the Best