I read something from School CIO today that I thought is something we need to really think about. As we move forward with new technologies.   “The printed textbook is a dying breed. Not much will be gained by replacing it with a digital clone. Online resources offer enormous opportunities for districts that now need to transition from static source of knowledge to dynamic repositories of powerful learning objectives created and selected by the teachers and students who will use them.”    School CIO Summit Four Goals for the 21st Century School.

They also gave a list of what online textbooks should include.

They need to include the ability to:

  1. Download to my personal device
  2. Make highlights or notes
  3. Print
  4. To be searchable
  5. Use animations and simulations
  6. Access useful web links
  7. Take test and quizzes on my own

Being able to print, and be able to take test that are more than multiple guess are two areas that need to be addressed with several options on the market. Using an electronic device to be a textbook can be as boring for students as a paper book unless they are engaging and interactive.  This will also require a change in the teaching methods of most teachers where they are no longer sages on the stage but guides on side.