Students Using IpadsI have talked with countless schools who have gone or are looking at going to a 1to1 program.  While iPads have lots of great possibilities they also have some issues like very thing in life.   With that in mind I thought I would pull together several resources so schools can be more informed to ensure iPads are right for them.  Here is a link to my  livebinder of resources .

I have also included my do not list below as I have seen these mistakes made over and over again.  There is a great  21 step program for rolling out iPads that was published by Department of Education from Victoria that I have included on my livebinder under the (Before you Implement iPads) tab.

First let’s look at my top 7 do not do list.

  1. Overlook consumer products have issues
  2. Forget the time it will take to organizing classroom materials
  3. Expect students to ignore Angry Birds
  4. Assume that sharing information and files is easy

iSafePlay or Moodle “help”

  1. Forgetting to budget for apps
  2. Ignore the fact that the device can be a distraction
  3. Overlook control and Filter issues