Why do you teach?  Is teaching merely a job? a way to earn a living? a career that makes a difference? or is there more?

“Christian teachers see the profession of teaching as a ministry. It is an act of serving young people as they move toward the realisation of their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual potentials.” SPD Record (p.7)

Peter Beamish, Dean of the Avondale College Faculty of Education in Australia, has more to say about the calling to teach.  He describes a new website created to profile the teaching ministry. The Ministry of Teaching website features “the reflections of practising teachers, along with information about pathways into the ministry. The website is also designed to serve those already working in the teaching ministry. An exciting section of the website is the new online journal of Christian education called Teach. The journal contains information about the latest research findings in education, administration, and teaching and professional practice.”

Be (re)inspired by viewing the 2 minute videos on Ministry of Teaching – real teachers, real issues, real students. Then inspire senior high school and college students by sharing the link, and sharing your story – what makes teaching more than a job or career to you, why you accepted the call to continue the teaching ministry of Jesus Christ.