Many years ago in a land far way there live a wise and just king.  This king was known far and wide for his outstanding wisdom.  People would travel for months to bring him the most difficult cases and each time they would leave amazed at the wisdom and understanding of his decision.  It was magical!

The magic lay in his ring.  Each time a difficult case was brought before him he would listen carefully and attentively to each person as they spoke.  When they were finished he would open a locket on his ring and stare deeply into it for quite some time.  As he did so, the room would quiet and everyone would wonder what the king was seeing in his magical ring. Suddenly the king would snap the ring closed and issue a decision that amazed everyone in the room.

Everybody wanted to know what was in that ring?  Did the king see visions?  Were there spirits that spoke to him?  But the king wouldn’t let anyone see inside the ring – no matter how they asked.

As happens on this earth, the wise and just king grew old.  As he lay on his death bed his courtiers and family gathered around him to pay their respects and to say goodbye.  When the king closed his eyes and breathed his last there was a moment of silence in the room.  The one of his closest advisors gently reached out, took his hand, and opened the ring.

All that was inside the locket was this inscription:  “This to shall pass.”