ant.gifWhat can we do or better yet what can you do? Well, we can do alot as we wait for reform of our educational system by our trusted congregational leaders. One way is by what I call management by ants. Ants have a good track record of success.

Regardless of the wisdom of their upper management, ants do some very impressive things as a group (check out the Nature Channel). First of all, most ants do not complain and do not lollygag in self pity. I do not know a pious ant, each one is willing to work hard especially for the group cause. The blame game in an ant community is almost unheard of. Ants hold no grudges and are careful not to attack their own kind. Ants are not into big studies, detailed analysis or political correctness to solve obvious problems. Regardless of the size of the devil, ants repeal as a coordinated team.

Ants have different job titles but realize that everyone is important to the organization. Ants are appropriately social, like hanging out
with other ants of good character and often bring other critters home for lunch hoping to convert them.

All ants are aware of their individual responsibility for marketing; when they are in town everyone knows it. Ants, much like us, use food as a conversation starter. Ants are very effective at evangelism and working their cause, for example the average person knows more about ants than Seventh-day Adventists.

Most ants do not swear, drink and drive or have credit card debt. Ants are always trying to add value without adding cost to the organization by volunteering. They have learned that a good reliable volunteer is worth more than a sporadic donor. They spend less time talking and more time doing. Ants are typically running around with a nice grin and have kind encouraging words for each other as they impact a new community. Ants like working together to get the job done especially on big tasks by breaking it up into smaller pieces.

Ant schools are excellent private institutions with most graduating with honors and therefore having good job prospects. All pastoral ants visit campuses on a regular basis to encourage the young to be good by example and personal friendship. These visits make the parents very happy and as a result the grandparents usually donate more money to the school. Teacher ants always smile, are always
personally warm and are great representatives for their campuses by being visible in the community. All ants know that without God, they would not be here.

Lastly, congregational ant leaders are really smart; they make sure that all young are taken care of at any cost or sacrifice because without healthy motivated young there will be no more ants to do God’s work.

Your Brother in Christ
Tom Krazan
Central California