A technology infused environment requires specific paradigm shifts for the following individuals in the following areas:

For Administrators and Other Leaders

  • Leadership Series workshops
    • Visioning,
    • Developing,
    • Planning,
    • Implementing,
    • Communicating,
    • Evaluating and
    • Sustaining programs.
  • Leading authentic school transformation
  • Polices, practices
  • Dynamic Technology Planning Programming® — Customized software to systematically plan and communicate short and long term technology needs and related costs

For Teachers

  • Professional learning ongoing sessions —
    • Shifting from traditional to one-to-one teaching and learning
    • Classroom management
    • Moving from teacher to learner-centric instructional models
    • Meaningful versus entry level instructional technology integration
    • Developing technology integrated lessons
    • Formative, summative assessments
    • Project-based learning
    • Using data to drive decisions and instruction
  • Goal setting and benchmarking
  • Professional communities of practice
    • Face to face
    • Virtual
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder coaching, mentoring
  • Train the trainer

For Technology Personnel

  • Training for initial planning, testing, setup and ongoing maintenance
  • Troubleshooting — Back room and on the ground
    • Protocols
    • Help Desk
    • Student help solutions
  • Engaging stakeholders and problem solving
  • Acceptable use policies

For All Educators

  • Showcase Sites — Visit one of our Showcase Sites in urban, suburban and rural locations
  • Train-the-Trainer sessions
  • Shoulder-to-Shoulder coaching — On-site support for one-to-one program implementation
  • E-newsletters & publications
  • Webinars & conferences
  • Online courses & institutes

For Parents/Caregivers

  • Orientation to changes in teaching and learning
  • Home/school communications
  • Expectations, rules, policies and practices