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Geospatial Revolution

Of all the changes in technology over the last couple decades, perhaps one of the most subtle but far reaching is in the area of mapping. When I was a young I loved maps!  I kept maps. I studies maps for fun.  I enjoyed finding the best route on a trip and navigating in difficult […]

March 13 / 2011

FETC 2011 Update 1

The Florida Educational Technology Convention (FETC) started today. For those interested in technology in the classroom, FETC provides seminars that will benefit classroom teachers, technology specialists, IT directors, and administrators. The day stared out with three events that interested me. A pre-keynote technology shootout, the keynote address, and the opening of the exhibit hall.

February 02 / 2011
Author Mel Wade
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Content Filtering – One Year Later

Last school year, we realized that our current content filtering solution was not adequate.  Experts repeatedly advise families to keep their computers in a common area of the home where all internet viewing is public.  In a boarding academy environment it is challenging to apply this advice without removing computers from dorm rooms completely.  Doing […]

April 15 / 2008
Author Mel Wade
Category Technology
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Modifying a SmartArt Graphic in Word 2007

In an earlier article I discussed using the built-in library of SmartArt graphic organizers in Microsoft Office 2007 applications.  As you try the different images however, you’ll soon want to make changes to them, frankly, because they get a little boring after awhile, and they may also not fully meet your needs.  So let’s take […]

March 12 / 2008
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