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FETC 2011 Update 2

The two main days of FETC were filled with seminars, opportunities to visit with vendors, and collaboration with colleagues.  A number of other Adventist educators were at FETC from across the country.  It was great to visit with them, share experiences, ideas and plans. One of the Eye Opening Keynotes on Wednesday was given by […]

February 03 / 2011

FETC 2011 Update 1

The Florida Educational Technology Convention (FETC) started today. For those interested in technology in the classroom, FETC provides seminars that will benefit classroom teachers, technology specialists, IT directors, and administrators. The day stared out with three events that interested me. A pre-keynote technology shootout, the keynote address, and the opening of the exhibit hall.

February 02 / 2011
Author Mel Wade
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The Value of Software as a Service in Education

Schools have historically been on the tail end of technology advancements, seemingly always playing catch-up to what businesses have been doing with technology for years. This is not surprising considering the limited budgets schools have to work with and the fact that technology has been viewed with skepticism as to its real value in the […]

May 30 / 2008
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