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Moving to the Cloud: What it Means for Small Schools

When someones talks about moving to the cloud it can bring up images of smiling angels sitting on a fluffy cloud while playing a harp.  While this is clearly a fictionalized view most of us are no less clear on what it someone means when buzz word phrases like “I moved my e-mail to the […]

March 11 / 2011
Author Mel Wade
Comments 3 Comments

It is Time for Leadership

In my previous post under the section on School Improvement, I expressed concern about the quality of our Adventist schools, and especially the small schools. One of the respondents gave the following explanation for this situation: “My theory on why so many of our small schools are subpar and failing: they are being run by […]

March 06 / 2008
Author Lyndon G. Furst
Category Leadership
Comments 10 Comments
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