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The Purpose of Technology in the Classroom

The First of a series, Mark flips his workshop on Flipped & Blended Learning. In episode one, we establish the place of technology in education.

November 09 / 2014

What do the studies say about flipped learning?

Have you been interested in flipping your classroom but have heard mixed reviews? Mark Janke reviews the studies of flipped classrooms.

March 13 / 2014

Flipped Classroom

Mark Janke, a teacher at Sacramento Adventist Academy, wondered about the flipped classroom model and decided to try an experiment. Here are his results.

January 20 / 2014
Author Mel Wade
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Teardrop Documentary and Teaching Unit

Teardrop camping trailers are the beginning of the RV movement in the United States. With their roots in the chuck wagons of the cowboy days, they have grown have a modern following that includes the very small campers to still small but more elaborate off road trailers pulled behind Jeeps and other off road vehicles. […]

February 07 / 2011
Author Mel Wade
Category Curriculum
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