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A Redemeptive Policy

At GCA we have 4 layers of filters for blocking inappropriate content but we still have to deal with some issues. We also partner with our parents by having the internet log files emailed home to the parents weekly or daily depending upon what the parent wants. We have had several parents call in and […]

March 01 / 2011

Asking the Right Question

I have watched with a great deal of sadness in recent years as several Adventist schools have been closed. During my time in the conference work I had the unhappy task of closing several of our small elementary schools. More recently it has been the secondary boarding schools that have been forced out of service. […]

February 25 / 2011
Author Lyndon G. Furst
Category Leadership
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What is a Textbook? A new definition.

The state of Indiana has taken a bold stop and redefined the term “textbook.”  In Indiana it now means “systematically organized material designed to provide a specific level of instruction in a subject matter category.” The board interpreted this section “… to allow school corporations to use computers and other data devices, instructional software, internet […]

February 25 / 2009
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