Some Thoughts on Home Schools. For many years home schools have been a real challenge to Adventist educators especially in the small schools. When a small church school is trying to maintain an enrollment to remain economically viable, having several church members school their children at home makes it very difficult to continue the operation of the school. I have seen, on occasion, real hostility develop between home school parents and those who support the church school. I have also seen some very poorly operated home schools which deprive the children of a good basic education. However, I am aware of a number of home schools which provided a superior education to their children and they should not be discounted by supporters of Adventist schools.

I would suggest that Adventist teachers, principals, and conference personnel find ways to open up dialogue with Adventist home school parents and search for areas of mutual cooperation. We should try to be as inclusive as possible in our schools as we offer Christian education for our young people. Many home school parents would appreciate being able to avail themselves of some of the services of the Adventist school. There is no reason why our schools should not be as accommodating as possible in such cases.

So, here is a call for collaboration between Adventist parents who home school their children and Adventist schools. We are both in the business of preparing our children for the soon coming of Jesus and we would both benefit by working together on this important mission.