Here’s some good news for those of you using RenWeb and wanting to use Moodle.

Renweb now offers Moodle Hosting at an affordable price AND is integrated with RenWeb!  That means that if you add a student to a class in RenWeb they will be added in Moodle.  If you issue a grade in Moodle, it will be entered into your RenWeb gradebook.
I’m attaching a FAQ pdf from RenWeb.  RenWeb Learning Management Powered by Moodle FAQs
As a comparison, I have been looking for ways to integrate our SIS system with Moodle.  Tools4ever will customize an integration tool for about $3000 – one time fee.  Moodleroom will integrate but their hosting starts about $8-10,000/year.  Another company will host and integrate for $4,000 per year.  Read the FAQ and see how this compares.
If you want to learn about how to use Moodle and how it works with online learning, I recommend to you take the AVLN course Active Online Learning.  I’ll include the information below in case you missed the announcements.


Active Online Teaching
June 18 – July 29, 2012

Are you creating online courses? Do you want to know how to teach online? Do you want to include active learning, meaningful interactions, and stimulating learning experiences in your online courses? Do you want to integrate faith and learning online? Then this course is for you.