Report details problems with full-time virtual schools

Talks about some of the concerns and issues with full time Virtual Schools.  The last pragraph left one with a lot to think about.  
“Professor Kevin G. Welner, a co-author of the report and director of the National Education Policy Center, said in a release, “There’s zero high-quality research evidence that full-time virtual schooling at the K-12 level is an adequate replacement for traditional face-to-face teaching and learning.””


The report, called “Online K-12 Schooling in the U.S.: Uncertain Private Ventures in Need of Public Regulation” and released by the National Education Policy Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder, lists steps needed to improve online education that include:

Five private companies dominate the field, providing the large majority of content and services that are sold to full-time virtual schools that enroll public school students, the report says. They are K12 Inc., Education Options Inc., Apex Learning, Plato: A+LS, and Connections Education (acquired by Pearson in September 2011).

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