Today very few students think twice about cutting and pasting from the internet for assignments.  The Digital Age has changed how students view original thought.  According to a recent survey, only 29 percent of college undergraduates thought that copying from an Internet source was considered “serious cheating.”  Some feel that the reason plagiarism is so rampant at the college level is that students leaving high school are not prepared for the rigors of college writing.  There’s a great article on the topic in a recent edition of the New York Times.

What are you doing about plagiarism in your school?  How does your school enforce academic integrity? Let us know and we’ll add your resources and ideas here.

Here are some internet resources:

From Janine Lim

Besides using sites to check students’ work, it’s good to think about the design of the paper in the first place. Is it basically fact based? If so, then easy to copy & paste. If it requires critical thought, connecting to personal experience or views, or other personalizations, it will be much harder to copy & paste. Requiring rough drafts, notes, etc. also help.

While these are mostly university examples, they certainly apply to secondary writing as well.