A functioning computer for $35 dollars? You bet.

Raspberry Pi What started as a project to build 1000 mini computers for undergraduate students at Cambridge University in the U.K. has exploded into a super cool and popular technology launch.

It’s small-like a credit card. It has an HDMI port for video output, an Ethernet for your network connection, two USB ports (most likely you would use them for keyboard and mouse), an audio output, a composite video output for older televisions, and an SD card slot for your operating system and applications, and a pretty powerful graphics chip for 3D graphics and video playback–nifty.

The price point of the Raspberry Pi means that classrooms everywhere can play with and understand the functionings of a computer that can be held in a student’s hand and plugged into a power source, an input source, and an output source.  There are interfaces for digital cameras and LCD as well. Wow, very cool.
Classroom teachers can use a programming tool called SCRATCH to teach even young children some programming skills in a rather stress free environment.

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