I was reading today from SouthEast Education Network Journal and they had an article titled “The principal’s role as a Technology Leader”  I thought there were some practical insights to be pondered.

The principal’s role as a technology leader includes:
1. Establishing the vision and goals for the technology in the school
2. Carrying the technology banner in the school
3. Modeling the use of technology
4. Supporting technology use in the school
5. Engaging in professional development activities that focus on technology in student learning activities
6. Providing professional development opportunities for teachers and staff that emphasize the use of technology and facilitate integration of the technology in student learning
7. Securing the resources to support technology use and integration in the school
8. Communicating the use and importance of technology in enhancing student learning experiences to the school’s stakeholders.

They also had specific recommendations for schools that are going to implement 1to1/mobile devices
1. Talk with Peers: to learn from their success and failures.
2. Secure the device: both technically and physically by branding
3.Secure your Funding:  this will be an ongoing process
4. partner with experts:

The approach to professional development should be:
1. Identify the teachers skills and knowledge of technology
2. Plan activities that match the skill and knowledge level of the teachers
3. Schedule and deliver the activities
4. Plan to repeat activities until teachers have mastered the skills
5. Allow/Require teachers to practice the skills and demonstrate the use of the technology
6. Provide time for skill Practice
7. Feature teachers as Facilitators of the sessions to emphasize the teacher-to-teacher model of professional development
8. Provide time and resources to allow sessions to be successful