“It is good enough for who it’s for,” stated my friend in response to a query regarding a project he had just completed for me. We both laughed at this little joke that had become standard between us whenever I asked about how good something was. But over the years I have thought about how this same statement has been applied in Adventist schools. It seems that mediocre teaching is good enough for small schools or kids living in a rural area. We don’t have to have outstanding education as long as it is Christian education. In fact, I’ve heard it stated a many times over the years that a poor Adventist education is far better than a good public education.

I find such an attitude to be totally inconsistent with our Adventist philosophy. From my perspective, good enough should never be acceptable. Adventist education should be the very best and still strive for improvement. Our small one-room schools should have the same high quality of instruction as the very best suburban school. Average teaching should never be accepted as good enough. God’s high ideal for his people can best be exemplified in the very best education for our Adventist young people.