I have been teaching networking security / hacking for years.  My students and parents sign agreements that they will use their security /hacking skills for good or they will be turned over to the proper authorities.  I spend a lot of time on ethics and character development as a part of the program.  We have held workshops for church, business, and government agencies for more than four years where my students are sharing what they have learned.    I do not think one can teach “security” or “hacking” without teaching ethics as well.  Those who have gone through the network security program have gone on do some amazing things in GEt out of the BOXsecurity.

I found a recent New York Times article very interesting. :

High schools are recruiting grounds for U.S. cyberwarriors
The Department of Homeland Security is seeking to recruit high-tech experts in U.S. high schools. The agency estimates it needs about 600 hackers to help combat external threats from foreign hackers who seek American wealth and secrets or intend to do damage to infrastructure. The focus on recruiting young students for such jobs includes the launch of cybercompetitions for high-school and college students. The New York Times (tiered subscription model)

I think this is another example of how we need to be thinking outside of the box.