While a lot of schools block Facebook some allow it for fun during lunch or after school hours.  Other schools take a more integrated approach where they use social media in the curriculum.  The question that needs to be addressed is; ‘what is our policy and or philosophy about privacy and protecting young people’.  Do we really understand what we are doing ourselves let alone what we are encouraging our students to do?

“According to the FTC, Facebook “deceived customers by telling them they could keep their information on Facebook private, and then repeatedly allowing it to be shared and made public.”

Under the deal, Facebook will have to get consent from users before making changes that override existing privacy preferences. The social network is also barred from misrepresenting the privacy of consumers’ personal info and must stop providing access to a users’ data within 30 days of them deleting their account.”


As we can see in this article even after users delete their profile Facebook was continuing to sell their personal information and now the government is saying that they must stop selling that information 30 days after they delete their profile.  You can also find several articles that talk about how Facebook puts cookies on your computer to track the other websites you go to even after you sign out of Facebook so they can profile you better and sell that information.


So what is our stand on using social media do we throw the baby out with the bath water or do we use an internal private self-owned social media solution?  How could training the staff and students fit into this picture and what are our responsibilities.