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RenWeb and Moodle

Here’s some good news for those of you using RenWeb and wanting to use Moodle. Renweb now offers Moodle Hosting at an affordable price AND is integrated with RenWeb!  That means that if you add a student to a class in RenWeb they will be added in Moodle.  If you issue a grade in Moodle, […]

June 11 / 2012
Author Mel Wade
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Your Backup Strategy

The best way to prepare for any disaster is to keep your data backed up. There are two broadly defined approaches to backup: Remote backup: Your computer automatically sends your data to a remote center at specified internals. Local backup: Your computer copies your data to a second hard drive or other media source, either […]

March 22 / 2011
Author Mel Wade
Category Technology
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Teacher’s Domain

Looking for some video resources to add to your lesson plans?  Or maybe you need to pick up some Professional Activity Credit (PAC) hours and want a different way to do it.  The Teacher’s Domain has it for you!  In the Teacher’s Domain can you easily browse or search by subject and grade level. In […]

Geospatial Revolution

Of all the changes in technology over the last couple decades, perhaps one of the most subtle but far reaching is in the area of mapping. When I was a young I loved maps!  I kept maps. I studies maps for fun.  I enjoyed finding the best route on a trip and navigating in difficult […]

March 13 / 2011

Moving to the Cloud: What it Means for Small Schools

When someones talks about moving to the cloud it can bring up images of smiling angels sitting on a fluffy cloud while playing a harp.  While this is clearly a fictionalized view most of us are no less clear on what it someone means when buzz word phrases like “I moved my e-mail to the […]

March 11 / 2011
Author Mel Wade
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Top 10 Sites for Educational Resources by David Kapuler

Here is a list of Ten sites that might be useful Thinkfinity – One of the most popular educational resource sites on the web. Created by Verizon Foundation with 1000s of lesson plans, interactive tools, etc. – A wonderful site with lesson plans created by teachers for teachers. A ton of classroom projects in […]

March 01 / 2011
Author Ernest Staats
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A Redemeptive Policy

At GCA we have 4 layers of filters for blocking inappropriate content but we still have to deal with some issues. We also partner with our parents by having the internet log files emailed home to the parents weekly or daily depending upon what the parent wants. We have had several parents call in and […]

March 01 / 2011

Online Student Data Security Checklists

When you store any student data on a systems that is internet accessible it must be secured to avoid liability. I am including lists what should be done to secure the data of our students.

February 09 / 2011
Author Ernest Staats
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FETC 2011 Update 2

The two main days of FETC were filled with seminars, opportunities to visit with vendors, and collaboration with colleagues.  A number of other Adventist educators were at FETC from across the country.  It was great to visit with them, share experiences, ideas and plans. One of the Eye Opening Keynotes on Wednesday was given by […]

February 03 / 2011

FETC 2011 Update 1

The Florida Educational Technology Convention (FETC) started today. For those interested in technology in the classroom, FETC provides seminars that will benefit classroom teachers, technology specialists, IT directors, and administrators. The day stared out with three events that interested me. A pre-keynote technology shootout, the keynote address, and the opening of the exhibit hall.

February 02 / 2011
Author Mel Wade
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