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Microsoft Office – Is It Enough?

When I first started my current job as Technology Director at Sacramento Adventist Academy, I inherited the teaching schedule that had previously been used. This included a full year course called “Computer Applications” that met the technology requirements for graduation. In looking over what had been previously been taught, I found that this was simply an […]

April 12 / 2016
Author Mel Wade
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The Purpose of Technology in the Classroom

The First of a series, Mark flips his workshop on Flipped & Blended Learning. In episode one, we establish the place of technology in education.

November 09 / 2014

What do the studies say about flipped learning?

Have you been interested in flipping your classroom but have heard mixed reviews? Mark Janke reviews the studies of flipped classrooms.

March 13 / 2014

Flipped Classroom

Mark Janke, a teacher at Sacramento Adventist Academy, wondered about the flipped classroom model and decided to try an experiment. Here are his results.

January 20 / 2014
Author Mel Wade
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10 school initiatives that never go away

[In no particular order. Initiatives begin with their oldest version and go to the current version.] 1. Desktop computers; 1:1 laptops; 1:1 tablets; BYOD. 2. No Child Left Behind (NCLB); Race to the Top (RTTT); Common Core State Standards (CCSS); Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). 3. Scantron testing; computer-based testing; adaptive testing. 4. Overhead projectors; […]

December 17 / 2013
Author Ernest Staats
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Free (or cheap) Options for Classroom Response Systems

Before we get into this month’s topic, I want to give a brief follow up to my last article in September on Collaborative Classroom Projects.  I presented a session at the NAD Teachers Convention on this topic, and after talking with many who attended that session, felt that there was enough interest to initiate some […]

December 05 / 2012
Author Mel Wade
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How about some Raspberry Pi?

A functioning computer for $35 dollars? You bet. What started as a project to build 1000 mini computers for undergraduate students at Cambridge University in the U.K. has exploded into a super cool and popular technology launch. It’s small-like a credit card. It has an HDMI port for video output, an Ethernet for your network connection, […]

September 25 / 2012
Author pegi
Category Technology
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A Game Changing Product

Microsoft just announced a new tablet called “Surface” (read an in-depth review here) that will clearly be a game changer in the tablet market.  The Pro version answers my concerns about using tablets in the classroom.  Watch for a lot of strong competition from other vendors in the Windows 8 market.  Also, be prepared for […]

June 21 / 2012
Author Mel Wade
Category Technology
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Is the iPad Right for My Classroom?

There is a lot of potential for tablets in the classroom.  I’m not ready to see them as full desktop replacements but that time is coming very quickly.  In a day school, where students have access to desktops in the classroom and at home, I see them as a very good fit.  But remember that […]

June 12 / 2012
Author Mel Wade
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When I was a child I loved maps.  I would pull out maps and spread them out on the floor and follow the lines, taking trips in my imagination.  As I began to drive, I always had the latest Rand McNally US road atlas in my car so I had the latest updates.  This made […]

June 11 / 2012
Author Mel Wade
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