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What do the studies say about flipped learning?

Have you been interested in flipping your classroom but have heard mixed reviews? Mark Janke reviews the studies of flipped classrooms.

March 13 / 2014


When I was a child I loved maps.  I would pull out maps and spread them out on the floor and follow the lines, taking trips in my imagination.  As I began to drive, I always had the latest Rand McNally US road atlas in my car so I had the latest updates.  This made […]

June 11 / 2012
Author Mel Wade
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Happy Pi Day

Celebrate Pi Day in your school!  If you don’t have time to bake a Pi-pie (for fun – make it square – pie are square), here are some other ideas of how celebrate! Pi Recipes – NPR Music – YouTube Pi composition to 31 decimal places – with some basic music theory thrown in! Wear […]

March 14 / 2011
Author Mel Wade
Category Curriculum, STEM
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