Category: Spiritual/Devotional

The Courthouse

So I was at the courthouse this morning–in a line of about 80 people backed up out the front doors by the security bottleneck. Have you ever focused your attention on *feeling* the humanity around you? It’s an acquired ability that anyone can learn. Sadness. Anger. Fear… Almost overwhelming when you connect with and feel […]

July 15 / 2011
Author Mel Wade
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A Redemeptive Policy

At GCA we have 4 layers of filters for blocking inappropriate content but we still have to deal with some issues. We also partner with our parents by having the internet log files emailed home to the parents weekly or daily depending upon what the parent wants. We have had several parents call in and […]

March 01 / 2011

The Magic of the Ring

Many years ago in a land far way there live a wise and just king.  This king was known far and wide for his outstanding wisdom.  People would travel for months to bring him the most difficult cases and each time they would leave amazed at the wisdom and understanding of his decision.  It was […]

July 16 / 2008
Author Mel Wade
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Media Literacy for Growing Disciples

Books. Magazines. Newspapers. TV. Radio. Internet. Blogs. Chatrooms. MySpace. iPods. YouTube. Advertizing with most. More media, more information, more choices. How do students learn to choose what is good, noble and true? To focus on what is needed to make life-direction-setting decisions as growing disciples? As the importance of knowing how to find information for […]

The Ministry of Teaching

Why do you teach?  Is teaching merely a job? a way to earn a living? a career that makes a difference? or is there more? “Christian teachers see the profession of teaching as a ministry. It is an act of serving young people as they move toward the realisation of their mental, physical, emotional and […]

Adventist Bible Curricula – a Global Tour

Finding new ideas for Bible classes is often like searching for hidden treasure. Going for the gold seems to require 99% perspiration – but let’s talk about the 1% inspiration, materials worth shouting out about! The South Pacific Division recently shared their new Bible 1-8 curriculum designed by and for their Pacific Island region. Two […]

Adventist Education Essentials

Family vacations have taken on a new adventure using a GPS. Knowing exactly where we’re going before the journey begins is now important and discussions frequently analyze optimal choices for keeping on course when detours for fuel, food or friends happen. Starting with the end in mind keeps us checking we’re en route all along […]

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