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Teacher’s Domain

Looking for some video resources to add to your lesson plans?  Or maybe you need to pick up some Professional Activity Credit (PAC) hours and want a different way to do it.  The Teacher’s Domain has it for you!  In the Teacher’s Domain can you easily browse or search by subject and grade level. In […]

Top 10 Sites for Educational Resources by David Kapuler

Here is a list of Ten sites that might be useful Thinkfinity – One of the most popular educational resource sites on the web. Created by Verizon Foundation with 1000s of lesson plans, interactive tools, etc. – A wonderful site with lesson plans created by teachers for teachers. A ton of classroom projects in […]

March 01 / 2011
Author Ernest Staats
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What is a Textbook? A new definition.

The state of Indiana has taken a bold stop and redefined the term “textbook.”  In Indiana it now means “systematically organized material designed to provide a specific level of instruction in a subject matter category.” The board interpreted this section “… to allow school corporations to use computers and other data devices, instructional software, internet […]

February 25 / 2009

Cyber-bullying Policy

Some people have been asking for a cyber bullying policy so here is the policy the Georgia Cumberland Academy has developed – courtesy of Ernest Staats

February 25 / 2009
Author Mel Wade
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Change in Adventist Education?

The schools that I visit are clearly places of learning, of hope, and of love. I see strong relationships between faculty and students. I see fun, challenging activities that push the students view of the world. I see God revealed through both nature and His Word. Further, as I’ve looked at the findings from CognitiveGenesis […]

April 17 / 2008

Good Enough for Who It’s For

“It is good enough for who it’s for,” stated my friend in response to a query regarding a project he had just completed for me. We both laughed at this little joke that had become standard between us whenever I asked about how good something was. But over the years I have thought about how […]

February 06 / 2008
Author Lyndon G. Furst
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Adventist Education Essentials

Family vacations have taken on a new adventure using a GPS. Knowing exactly where we’re going before the journey begins is now important and discussions frequently analyze optimal choices for keeping on course when detours for fuel, food or friends happen. Starting with the end in mind keeps us checking we’re en route all along […]

Why the Silence?

Its easy to sit by in our homes and schools, reading these posts and wonder why the GC/Union/Conference is silent on these issues that so gravely threaten Adventist Education. But then again, I wonder, are they silent, or am I just not listening? What are some of the things that have been “said” from higher […]

January 05 / 2008
Author Mel Wade
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Culture – The Law of Adding and Subtracting

Much of my career has been in small, 2-3 teacher schools across North America. About a year and a half ago I took a position here at Upper Columbia Academy. This is the first opportunity I have had to teach in a boarding academy campus. I was excited to be back in a classroom setting, […]

December 30 / 2007
Author Mel Wade
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The Ants

What can we do or better yet what can you do? Well, we can do alot as we wait for reform of our educational system by our trusted congregational leaders. One way is by what I call management by ants. Ants have a good track record of success. Regardless of the wisdom of their upper […]

December 28 / 2007
Author Mel Wade
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