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Making the Most of Google Earth

I’ve been having just a little fun with Google Earth! Did you know that you could put pictures in Google Earth using an online service called Panoramio? You can also put full, interactive panoramas of the your campus online. It is also possible to link your Wikipedia page in Google Earth!

July 11 / 2008
Author Mel Wade
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It is Time for Leadership

In my previous post under the section on School Improvement, I expressed concern about the quality of our Adventist schools, and especially the small schools. One of the respondents gave the following explanation for this situation: “My theory on why so many of our small schools are subpar and failing: they are being run by […]

March 06 / 2008
Author Lyndon G. Furst
Category Leadership
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Adventist Education Essentials

Family vacations have taken on a new adventure using a GPS. Knowing exactly where we’re going before the journey begins is now important and discussions frequently analyze optimal choices for keeping on course when detours for fuel, food or friends happen. Starting with the end in mind keeps us checking we’re en route all along […]

Culture – The Law of Adding and Subtracting

Much of my career has been in small, 2-3 teacher schools across North America. About a year and a half ago I took a position here at Upper Columbia Academy. This is the first opportunity I have had to teach in a boarding academy campus. I was excited to be back in a classroom setting, […]

December 30 / 2007
Author Mel Wade
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