Category: Educational Trends

What is a Textbook? A new definition.

The state of Indiana has taken a bold stop and redefined the term “textbook.”  In Indiana it now means “systematically organized material designed to provide a specific level of instruction in a subject matter category.” The board interpreted this section “… to allow school corporations to use computers and other data devices, instructional software, internet […]

February 25 / 2009

The Value of Software as a Service in Education

Schools have historically been on the tail end of technology advancements, seemingly always playing catch-up to what businesses have been doing with technology for years. This is not surprising considering the limited budgets schools have to work with and the fact that technology has been viewed with skepticism as to its real value in the […]

May 30 / 2008

Change in Adventist Education?

The schools that I visit are clearly places of learning, of hope, and of love. I see strong relationships between faculty and students. I see fun, challenging activities that push the students view of the world. I see God revealed through both nature and His Word. Further, as I’ve looked at the findings from CognitiveGenesis […]

April 17 / 2008
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