Pacific Island Bible TextbookFinding new ideas for Bible classes is often like searching for hidden treasure. Going for the gold seems to require 99% perspiration – but let’s talk about the 1% inspiration, materials worth shouting out about!

The South Pacific Division recently shared their new Bible 1-8 curriculum designed by and for their Pacific Island region. Two teachers guides include lesson or story plans to accompany the ten-volume Uncle Arthur’s Bible Story series Concise (each lesson fills a one-page table), clear, adaptable, utilizing multiple intelligences, including helps on how to lead students to Christ, and suitable to multi- or single grade classes, these free downloads could be helpful supplements to other Adventist elementary Bible curricula.

Both documents are available in word format, so you can edit/add to make them your own:
Bible Story Plans, Volumes 1-6
Bible Story Plans, Volumes 7-10

Find curriculum in print or online in other world regions:
North American Division
South Pacific Division
Southern Asia Division
Southern Asia-Pacific Division

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