At GCA we have 4 layers of filters for blocking inappropriate content but we still have to deal with some issues. We also partner with our parents by having the internet log files emailed home to the parents weekly or daily depending upon what the parent wants. We have had several parents call in and ask us to restrict their students internet due to what the parents found when they looked at the Internet log file.

Below is our policy to help students. Instead of just discipline we focus on redemption!
GCA uses the following system when dealing with pornography issues:
Pornography Treatment Plan:
This includes viewing pornography, exhibitionism, etc.
  1. For the first offense, drop the student down to tier 1 with the understanding that they have three mandatory sessions with the counselor. Some students may find a counselor off-campus but the same rule applies for a three-session minimum.
    • First session understanding addiction.
    • Second session spiritual ramifications of porn.
    • Third session accountability.
  2. For the second offense, drop the student to tier 1 and restricted free time on their computer until they complete their 12 mandatory session.
    • First session understanding addiction.
    • Second-third session Inventory (exploring personal porn addiction).
    • Fourth-sixth sessions spiritual inventory.
    • Seventh session recovery plan.
    • Eighth-ninth session accountability plan.
    • Tenth-twelve session maintaining recovery plan.
  3. For the third offense, refer to administrative council for major discipline, suspension or dismissal