Here are some resources we have compiled to help our teachers with finding some “cheap or Free online resources that might be helpful to you those you help.  Blessings


We plan on continuing to update the pages and we will also be adding some more how to documents to this helpdesk wiki

The GCA CHD wiki can be found at


Below is list of the areas


    1. Audacity How to
    2. Audio Books
    3. Drop Box
    4. Ebooks
    5. Free Ipad Apps
    6. Free Online Courses
    7. Free Software
    8. Free Techie stuff
    9. Games
    10. Internet Safety
    11. IPad Apps for Administrators
    12. Parent Resouces
    13. Strong Passwords
    14. Teacher Resources
    15. Timers and StopWatches
    16. Tool Kit for Education
    17. Virtual Field Trips
    18. Web 2.0 Resources