Going 1to1

Some important Thoughts from project Red: http://www.projectred.org/about/research-overview/findings.html

Key Implementation Factors 

(Rank Order of Predictive Strength)

  1. Intervention classes: Technology is integrated into every intervention class period.
  2. Change management leadership by principal: Leaders provide time for teacher professional learning and collaboration at least monthly.
  3. Online collaboration: Students use technology daily for online collaboration (games/simulations and social media).
  4. Core subjects: Technology is integrated into core curriculum weekly or more frequently.
  5. Online formative assessments: Assessments are done at least weekly.
  6. Student-computer ratio: Lower ratios improve outcomes.
  7. Virtual field trips: With more frequent use, virtual trips are more powerful. The best schools do these at least monthly.
  8. Search engines: Students use daily.
  9. Principal training: Principals are trained in teacher buy-in, best practices, and technology-transformed learning.


I would really recommend you spend the time to watch the 3 videos on “The Journal” on Selecting a 1-to1 Computing Device found at http://thejournal.com/articles/2012/11/01/1-to-1-computing-the-hardware-choice.aspx?=THEMOB


An if you really want to step out you can look at BYOD.  There is a great toolkit located at http://k12blueprint.com/byod

As always look your network first make sure you have enterprise quality switches and wireless.

And always look at the security considerations…..