The Adventist Education Forum is open to Adventist educators around the world and lively, respectful discussion is encouraged.

The Adventist Education Forum, or EdForum, was started in 1998 by Mel Wade and the Michigan Conference as an online community for Adventist Educators with sponsorship now moved to the North American Division Office of Education. EdForum was originally a web based bulletin board but as the Internet has evolved – different technologies have emerged and the way people use the Internet has changed – so has EdForum. Today EdForum consists of two e-mail groups, one hosted by Google and the other by Yahoo!, and this web log, or blog. This blog contains excerpts of post form the e-mail list as well as postings by selected bloggers. Comments on this blog and in the e-mail groups do not represent official statements of the

The AdventistEdforum Google group contains discussion on various topics related to Adventist educators. Postings are viewable to the public and you can visit the group at any time to read the discussions as a guest. Any Adventist educator is welcome to join. New member’s first postings are moderated to help prevent abuse.

The Academy Technology Yahoo! group is for technology specialists in Adventist K-12 schools. The posting from this group are not open to the public as often network security concerns and strategies are discussed. This Group is open to anyone working with technology in our Adventist Schools.

All participants are asked to be respectful of other members, the Adventist church, and the Adventist educational system. Open, constructive discussion of the issues and challenges of the Adventist educational system are welcome and encouraged. This is not a place to sell or promote products for personal gain. Reviews of education related products and materials of which you “conflict of interest” are welcomed.